Virtual Delivery

Due to the global pandemic, we had to adapt quickly to the new norm and had to reinvent our ways of working and delivering learning experiences to our clients.

Shifting to a virtual delivery required a great amount of flexibility and adaptation skills, and we take pride in becoming experts in producing innovative and engaging sessions online using various platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, BlueJeans, Adobe Connect, Google Meets, etc.).

We have delivered over 98% of our work virtually so far and we are continuously learning about new tools to constantly improve our virtual sessions.

Digital Interactive Platforms

We ensure to keep the high level of interaction during our virtual events by using a digital format for an agile and impactful journey. Using digital interactive platforms, we create customised micro-learning capsules on any specific Inclusion and Diversity dimension. They are easily accessible from smartphones, tablets or computers. The capsules:

  • include text, videos, quiz, polls and more!
  • can be used both as an introduction before the workshop and as a way to anchor and sustain learnings… to keep the momentum!
  • can be used as a stand-alone micro-learning initiative to raise awareness.

Our Moderators

In addition to using digital interactive platforms to engage all participants during the workshops, we believe the support of a Moderator for our virtual sessions is necessary and crucial to ensure the highest quality delivery and experience for all. 

Our Moderators are technical experts who support the Facilitators throughout the rollout of our virtual events. They have been specifically trained to master the various virtual and interactive platforms used during our workshops. This ensures that the Facilitators can fully focus on the session and keep the dialogue going. 

We have a team of experienced Moderators, covering English, French, German, Arabic, Dutch, Mandarin and Spanish needs.

Alejandro Lerdo de Tejada Sierra

Alys Robinson

Ben Delfont

Colin Bell

Diego Lazaro

Hannah Parsons

Jonah Brody

Margaux Léonard

Nathalie Perthuisot

Perla M. Ponce Nunez

Rachel Desbois

Tamsin Withers

Thierno Madiou Diallo

Are you thinking of running virtual events internally?

The services of our Pluribus Moderators can be expanded to support in delivering your virtual events internally. Get in touch with us to book one of our moderators! 

Would you like to develop your own Moderators and don’t know where to start? We are offering a Train the Moderator (TTM) programme, along with handbooks and guides developed by the Pluribus Moderators to ensure your Moderators are well-equipped to successfully deliver a virtual event internally.