Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Action

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awareness Workshops

1. Define Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Explore the different dimensions of diversity, both visible and invisible, as well as understand what is equity and what it means to be inclusive.

2. Explore the business case

Discover why diversity, equity and inclusion are important and align DE&I with the business case of your organisation.

3. Identify the barriers and obstacles to inclusion

Understand how we can be more inclusive by learning simple tools and frameworks that can be applied to tackle the barriers.

4. Commit to actions to enable inclusion in your organisation

Commit to the role of Inclusion Change Agents and contribute to a more inclusive organisation/world both individually and collectively.

These workshops can be delivered in different formats, have different durations (from 90 minutes to 4 hours), and be customised to the unique setting of your organisation. 

Building on the foundational awareness workshops, we can integrate specific focus areas or develop follow-up workshops to address your unique requirements. In this sense, you may choose one of the following areas to focus on during the awareness workshops:

  • Gender
  • Age & Generations
  • Disability
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Neuro-Diversity
  • Religion
  • Culture & Ethnicity
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Stereotypes
  • Micro Messages
  • Racism
  • Systemic Injustice
  • Power & Privilege

At the core of our business, we make inclusion practical! We take a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of your organisation by offering a diverse set of learning interventions for more practical day-to-day actions.

Raising awareness and engaging all in conversations will lead to achieving greater inclusion, no matter the employee demographic.

Let’s embark on the journey to inclusion together!

Would you like to have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awareness Workshop targeted at leaders?

Within the Inclusive Leadership workshops, we use the same structure as the awareness workshops but focus the dialogue and exercises around what it means to be an inclusive leader. 

LGBT+ Inclusion at Work

In order to be the best possible leader and to foster inclusion, you need to start by understanding your own reality as well as the reality of others. This initiative aims at promoting a culture of inclusion across any organisation in order to create safe spaces for LGBT+ individuals, through the following workshops: 

  • LGBT+ Awareness: Definitions, LGBT-phobia at work and good practices for colleagues & managers
  • Inclusive Recruitment: Attracting, interviewing and onboarding diverse talent with specific procedures & objectives
  • Trans inclusion: Policies & good practices to support your trans employees through their journey
  • Employer branding: Internal & external communication strategies to set yourself as an inclusive employer
  • Allyship: Concepts of privilege and power, tips and strategies to become an ally to your colleagues

Inclusion Webinars and E-learnings

Our workshops are designed for a small group of people. Would you like to engage employees on a larger scale? We can deliver an DE&I webinar to establish a common vocabulary and reach an understanding around DE&I. The webinars can be of different durations, ranging from 90 minutes to 2 hours, and are combined with pre and post webinar activities in the format of e-learning modules

Inclusion & More

1. Wellbeing and sustainability 

Enhance your wellbeing and achieve personal sustainability. Regardless of what the driver has been for you and your company, the intensity and complexity of the world today requires organisations and people to be more skilled in ‘personal sustainability’. No different than with more traditional Inclusion – companies that are future proof and resilient are those that acknowledge this as the responsibility of the organisation. They invest in creating the setting and offering their employees the opportunity to build the skills to design a way of working and being that resonates with them.

For us, ‘personal sustainability’ is the mix of actions and understanding that allows you to be the best-balanced version of yourself. This mix will be unique to each person and each participant will be guided through an individual and embodied exploration on what ‘personal sustainability’ means for them and what they need to maintain it. 

What makes our “personal sustainability” offering different?

Most companies and online resources will offer you tips and do’s – do not’s, most of which we already know. We focus on the exploration at individual and collective level towards the context and drivers which will allow you to adopt and integrate those tips that are relevant for you. We create a supportive learning space in which we slow down and where people feel safe to express themselves fully. These people can, in turn, create innovative and healing workplaces that adapt and serve well in this time of rapid transformation. In addition, as leaders in today’s world we are in the process together with you, meaning we practice what we preach.

2. Inclusive Hiring 

A key dimension of creating an inclusive organisation is to ensure your hiring process is inclusive.  Look at your hiring processes with a DE&I lens by joining an Inclusive Hiring workshop, designed for HR professionals who would like to minimise bias in their recruitment process.

Complement an inclusive hiring workshop with strategic consulting support or with the Pluribus HR Toolkit to build an inclusive culture in your organisation. The toolkit contains practical tips and tricks to navigate through HR processes, from recruitment to employee life, sustainability, and retention. 

Inclusive Coaching Interventions

Enhance the impact and sustainability of your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion vision and strategies. Get in touch with us to learn more about our individual or group coaching sessions for Executives, Senior Managers and Middle Managers to engage and enable them in the Inclusive leadership journey. 

From enrolling in our DE&I coaching interventions, you can expect that each leader and key executive will: 

  • Develop the skills needed to authentically integrate DE&I priorities into business actions.
  • Be equipped to walk the talk of inclusion in a way that inspires and motivates others.
  • Not only be aware of their blind spots, but also more skilled in self-regulating their impact on their decision-making capacity.
  • Walk away with clarity on how his/her values are aligned with DE&I imperatives.

Dialogue Sessions

Get personal, let the words flow and open up to talk about more sensitive topics that you do not discuss on a daily basis, with one of our dialogue sessions. 

Dialogue sessions engage participants in different ways when compared to awareness workshops. Whereas workshops are broader and cover a wide range of aspects, dialogue sessions are more focused on a specific dimension of diversity. Inclusion is still at the centre of the conversation, which is also reflected in the way conversations are held; all the participants in a dialogue session are included in the conversation and are encouraged to share their perspective on the topic. 

We facilitate a safe space for discussion using the inclusive principles for dialogue in which those involved can freely and genuinely express their ideas and views. As everybody contributes to the conversation, the participants build on each other’s ideas and create a meaningful outcome together.

An inclusive dialogue session takes either one or two hours and is delivered on various topics: 

  • Meaningful dialogue on Culture, Ethnicity and Race, using our Inclusive Dialogue Cards
  • Courageous Conversations 
  • Check-in for inclusion sessions

Did you know that we have successfully helped organisations in their DE&I journey? Read some of our successful and impactful stories about being a catalyst for change and empowering organisations to take action for a more inclusive culture here.