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Inclusion & Diversity in Latin America

Marcelo Agolti, together with guest speakers fromL’Oréal, Sodexo, and Accenture shared best I&D practice in Latin America. Marcelo Agolti
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Inclusion & Diversity: Inclusion for an Agile workforce

Nicolas Deuschel provided insights to make I&D responsive, such as how to build an inclusive workplace in times of disruptive change and how to use predictiveanalytics and cognitive psychology to target inclusion to diverse employee groups. Nicolas Deuschel
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Inclusion & Diversity: Engaging Men in the discussion

Jean-Michel Monnot discussed how to engage men in the conversations around Inclusion and Diversity. Jean-Michel Monnot
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How to create an in-house network of D&I ambassadors

During this event, Isabelle Pujol had a special guest: Silvia Siqueira (Diversity & Inclusion Senior Manager at Hilti North America) who shared with us how she created an in-house network of I&D Ambassadors together with Pluribus in the construction industry Isabelle Pujol
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Linking Inclusion to Customer Service

Laura Bacci discussed the importance of I&D in attaining excellence customer service and the pitfalls that should be avoided. Laura Bacci
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Gender Equality in the Workplace

Together with our special guest Audrey Trotereau, D&I Manager at Credit Mutuel ARKEA, Laura Bacci discussed the topic of Gender Equality in The Workplace. Laura Bacci
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All on the same page

Elizabeth Auzan and her guest speaker, Clydette De Groot, discussed the advantages of using visuals or visualization techniques in a business context. Elizabeth Auzan
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Drive Innovation Through Inclusion

Daniel Stane shared the three key hallmarks that have enabled successful organisations to demonstrate their true commitment to inclusion in a sustainable way and leverage diversity of thought across their workforce. Together with the guest speaker Dorian Baroni, they provided insights into how leaders and teams can create a culture where employees feel more willing to step into the vulnerability and risk that often accompanies expressing their perspectives. Daniel Stane & Dorian Baroni
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DropDrop Network

Joanne Nihom talked about the DropDrop Network, a platform where individuals can share the beautiful untold stories from all over the world. The focus of DropDrop Network is on the cooperation between people with opposite backgrounds, in areas such as arts, education, culture, the culinary arts, and medicine.  Joanne Nihom
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D&I, A Catalyst for the Evolution of Organizations

Magda Barcelo and Gerard Jara discussed how we may harvest as D&I Champions, if we consider using the framework of organization’s stages of development; more specifically, the three breakthroughs of TEAL organizations: wholeness, self-organization, and evolutionary purpose. Magda Barcelo & Gerard Jara (CEO of Candor AGS)
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Our Major Obstacles – Unconscious Bias

Marcelo Agolti, along with the guest speakers María José Succarat, Executive Director for Diversity at the Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires, and Patricio Nelson, specialist in organizational learning and conflict resolution in the workplace, discuss how to raise awareness of our own unconscious biases by showing how sometimes the real constraints or obstacles are not at the surface, but underneath. Marcelo Agolti
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Heart, Head and Hands

Cécile Masson discussed the three different brains in our bodies (Heart, Head, and Hands) that are part of our ‘inner diversity of intelligences’. Along with guest speakers Michele Steckler, part of the ‘Coming Into Your Own’ network and Director of consultancy company ‘Fly Loft Group’, and Lena Lodzinska, from ‘Coach Inside Out’, they shared insights on how listening to our gut feeling, being true to our hearts and embracing the challenges ahead creatively can be the way forward to having an embodied leadership. Cécile Masson.
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Moving Abroad and the Potential Impact on myself

Alan de Bruyne elaborated on the impact moving away from home (alone or with their family) can have on anyone. Along with guest speaker Sarah Pujol, they discussed the consequences of moving abroad, not only for themselves but also the effect it can have on relationships, partners, and children. Alan De Bruyne.
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Past Events

Pluribus Check-in for Inclusion

#BlackLivesMatter- It’s OK to Feel Uncomfortable

Karen Bummele and Jose Cox discussed how the #BlackLivesMatter global movement impacts one personally and professionally, as well as how we can learn from our own discomfort and have the courage to lead & take action against racism. Karen Bummele & Jose Cox- English 

Embracing the Emerging Future-Learnings from COVID-19

Maija Van Langendonck and Cécile Masson discussed learnings from COVID-19 and embracing the emerging future by practicing the Art of dialogue around personal insights to shift perspectives on life and work. Maija Van Langendonck & Cécile Masson- English 

Out, Proud & At Ease in the Workplace

Alan De Bruyne explored the concepts of LGBTQI+ and SOGIE and the needs of being out or not at the workplace, as well as what companies can do to create a safe space for you. Alan De Bruyne

The Art of Listening “Online”

Nicola Shearer explored the different levels of listening and its impact in the virtual setting. “The quality of your listening determines the quality of other people’s thinking.” Nicola Shearer- English

The Art of Slowing Down

When you care, people notice.  Daniëlle Doeve and Maija Van Langendonck took the participants on a journey of exploring the value of self-care for personal and professional sustainability. Daniëlle Doeve & Maija Van Langendonck

The Art of Dialogue

Maija Van Langendonck and Cécile Masson led the discussion around experiencing the power of authenticity, silence, and presence for meaningful exchange.  Maija Van Langendonck & Cécile Masson


Marcelo Agolti helped the participants reflect on how to empathize with their colleagues or team members through Dialogue as a key feature of inclusion. Marcelo Agolti- Spanish

Resilience “Embodied Presence”

Amel Murphy discussed how to tap into one’s body intelligence to support your teams during these uncertain times and offered the opportunity for the participants to experience simple practices to navigate through fear and to manage stress levels.  Amel Murphy- English

Exclusion/Discrimination during COVID

During this event, Stéphanie discussed new forms of exclusion or discrimination linked to the COVID crisis and touched upon how to develop our vigilance and be more inclusive. Stéphanie Léonard – French

Inclusion Today

Alan De Bruyne led us through a dialogue on how inclusion manifested during COVID times and what we, as individuals, can do to act more inclusively.  Alan De Bruyne- English