Inclusive Behaviours

Awareness of your own behaviours is the first step to enabling inclusion. This is why we, at Pluribus, have developed 6 core simple and pragmatic inclusive behaviours which form the backbone of all our learning interventions.

Assessing yourself and gaining awareness on these behaviours will allow you to identify highlights and development opportunities. 

Why? Because we believe that an inclusive leader and employee is one that demonstrates inclusive behaviours.

Key facts about the Pluribus Inclusive Behaviours

Simple and pragmatic:

These behaviours can be embedded in daily life to make you be more inclusive in your interactions and create a culture of inclusion where everyone belongs and can contribute authentically.


Through our GLOCAL approach, we ensured that these behaviours are universal and therefore applicable to everyone in an organisation, regardless of the region, industry or culture it belongs to or operates in.

Based on both desk and field research:

We took inspiration from the research done by Catalyst and MIT around what it means to be inclusive. In addition, we held various conversations with leaders from different major organisations and industries about this topic in order to create a holistic approach.


We offer 6 core inclusive behaviours each containing 7 attitudes that allow all of us to gain clarity on what it is ‘I can do’ to make progress towards more inclusion every day.

Tools to assess your Inclusive Behaviours

These behaviours are not only the backbone of all our workshops and interventions but are also available as standalone or complimentary tools, and can be applied both at an individual and collective level.

Inclusive Behaviours
digital self-assessment

We have developed a digital self-assessment to enable you to identify which behaviours come natural to you and which ones you could adopt to expand your inclusion skills. 

360° Inclusion by Pluribus

Build a more well-rounded view of your inclusive leadership skills. The comprehensive process supporting this tool allows you to collect feedback from 10 to 20 colleagues or contacts and will provide you with an extensive report. 

Pair your 360-assessment with coaching. Whether just one hour to gain additional perspective and insights or a series of a few coaching hours to personalise and embed the learning, make coaching part of your learning journey! This session will take place after the individual reports are sent and have the purpose of providing you with guidance on making sense of your report results, feedback and scores and helping you develop further based on these insights.

Inclusive Behaviours & More

Unlock the key skills needed to enable inclusion and create a sense of belonging in your organisation through a series of simple inclusive practices. Dive deeper into one of the inclusive behaviours identified by Pluribus by leveraging the following opportunities:

a) Workshop per behaviour

Understand each of the six Inclusive Behaviours on a deeper level and get to know simple tools that can be applied in your daily life to help you enhance this specific behaviour. Once you have identified the behaviour that you would like to improve, join a workshop focused on that specific behaviour to enable it.

b) E-learnings

Sustain engagement and learning by going through one of our inclusive behaviour e-learning modules. After identifying which behaviour you would like to practice more, take the appropriate e-learning module to gain more insights, examples and practical tips for daily actions to support you in embedding this specific behaviour into your day-to-day.

c) Create your own!

Build your own set of inclusive behaviours to accelerate a culture of inclusion in your organisation. Together with our experts, we take the time to learn about your culture and where you are standing in your I&D Journey, and develop key inclusive practices that resonate with your organisation.