Our Global Associates: North America

Alex Park

Nationality: American
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: USA, South Korea
Language(s): English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea

Alex is a Professional Executive & Life Coach (PCC / ICF), Facilitator, and Business Consultant. Alex’s coaching approach is unique as he applies various methodologies including theatrical improvisation, music and dance in role plays, simulations and games to improve the participants’ awareness and create intrinsic motivation.

Dorian-Patrizia Baroni

Nationality: USA
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Italy, USA, Venezuela
Language(s): English, Italian
Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Dorian is an Executive Coach and Organizational Advisor. Some of her key areas of interest and expertise include the role of bias in shaping decisions, women’s leadership and its contributions to organizational strength, and the role of cross-cultural fluency. Dorian strongly believes that all change starts with the self, but all lasting, positive societal change requires a committed group of diverse people.

Enidio Magel

Nationality: American
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Cuba
Language(s): English, Spanish
Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Enidio is an intercultural specialist with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion. Having the ability to connect and co-create impactful learning journeys for a global audience, Enidio delivers a wide range of executive coaching services and programs, focusing on diversity and unconscious bias, intercultural effectiveness, development of global teams, and other people development topics.

Ezanne Swanepoel

Nationality: South African
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, Tanzania, USA, Canada
Language(s): Afrikaans, English, Swati, Zulu, Xhosa (conversational French)
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Ezanne is an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategist, business advisor and transformational leadership mentor. Her passion for developing people and for building a significant globally connected business network, bridging business and people across the globe, is demonstrated by the prestigious “Mega Partnering Best Networker Award” she received in Los Angeles in 2013.

Tanya Guha

Nationality: Indian/Swiss
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Switzerland, Spain, Italy, India, USA, Mexico, Mauritius, Bangladesh , Kenya, Canada, Brazil,
Chile, Argentina
Language(s): English, French Bengali, Spanish
Location: Montreux, Switzerland

Tanya´s professional journey of 34+ years has been entirely devoted to her passion for Developing People. Recognised as an energetic and inspirational facilitator and coach, her audience across all continents have acknowledged her as an extremely authentic and culturally agile Leader, a perceptive listener with the ability to connect the dots and reach innovative and creative solutions together with others. Described as a strategic and innovative thinker, a courageous world traveller, her fearless enthusiasm was recognised by her stakeholders and peers as essential to her continued success as an Agent of Change across continents, hierarchical levels and organisation structures.

Zachary Minor

Nationality: American
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: USA
Language(s): English
Location: New York, USA

Zachary is a specialist in creating interactive workshops to enhance understanding of critical thinking, communication, DE&I, team building and decision-making skills in the workplace and in life. His unique presentational style emanates from his theatre training in acting and directing, allowing him to embody characters and connect deeply with participants.

Karen Bummele

Nationality: Chinese American
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Germany, USA, China
Language(s): English, German, Cantonese
Location: New York, USA

Karen is a Facilitator and Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Coach and Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She enjoys working with teams and individuals to shift energy and conversations to create higher levels of trust, inclusion, co-creation and innovation. Her coaching practice is rooted in Neuroscience, Energy Leadership, and embodied mindful practices.

Kim A. Page

Nationality: British, born and bred in Norway and Sweden
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, USA, Mexico, UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia
Language(s): English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian
Location: London, UK / Dubai, UAE

Kim is a passionate facilitator, speaker and vocal coach with an embodied approach. With an MA in Organization Development, she brings systemic awareness to her facilitation processes. As a communication expert, Kim helps clients increase their executive presence and get their message through. Starting out as an expressive artist, Kim has also developed a variety of creative modules centered around expressing our authentic self.

Magda Barceló

Nationality: Spanish
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Spain, Peru, Dominican Republic
Language(s): English, Spanish, Italian, French
Location: Reus, Spain

Magda is a certified Integral coach and a certified facilitator in Integral circling. In her interventions, Magda embodies a unique combination of capacities to communicate, to challenge and to be empathetic, while she stays connected to the essence of the person or the organization, which invariably leads to growth and evolution.

Maija Van Langendonck

Nationality: Belgian-British
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Belgium, UK, USA
Language(s): English, Dutch, French
Location: Ieper, Belgium

Maija is a strategist, facilitator, and coach. Her approach to inclusion is a holistic one from conception to implementation with a special focus on personal sustainability and wellbeing. Her focus is on ”Putting the ‘US” back into the heart of the bUSiness”.

Miia Lankinen

Nationality: Finish
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Finland, US, UK, Singapore (& much of Asia over 23 years)
Language(s): Finish, English
Location: Singapore, London

Miia is a HR consultant, facilitator and coach with a passion for people, developing leaders, and progressing careers. She supports clients at all levels, from technical specialists to C-suite leaders. She leverages her 20 years of Financial Services industry knowledge and corporate experience to bring about practical and sustainable change. 

Pamela Strawgate

Nationality: French-American
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: France, Monaco, USA, Canada, Australia
Language(s): English, French
Location: Paris, France

Pamela is an empathetic, open-minded, culturally sensitive highly experienced trainer/coach/consultant and facilitator. She has coached, trained, facilitated and consulted for intercultural/mobility/DE&I/Cultural intelligence sessions for 20+ nationalities. Moreover, she has managed and trained multicultural teams in 5 countries.