In addition to our services, we offer several products to support your organisation in your I&D journey.

Our Products & Tools

Assess your inclusive behaviours and gain more awareness on your strength and blind spots!


Inclusive Behaviours

The first step to creating more inclusion is raising awareness. Through the self-assessment, we offer you the opportunity to assess yourself and reflect on where you believe you stand on the 6 inclusive behaviours identified by Pluribus and the ability to identify your “blind spots”. The self-assessment is part of the pre-work to most of our interventions, but it can also be taken as a standalone assessment tool.

360° Inclusion by Pluribus

Dive deeper into the six inclusive behaviours by leveraging the 360 Inclusion by Pluribus tool! It is a 360-feedback process where each individual can self-assess on their inclusive behaviours and nominate 10 to 20 reviewers who will fill in the same questionnaire about them. 360 Inclusion by Pluribus is powered by our partners Talent Innovations and contains seven questions for each of the six inclusive behaviours developed by Pluribus. As a result, each participant will receive an individual (and confidential) report showcasing their average scores per Key Inclusive Behaviour, their Highlights and Hidden Strengths, their Areas of Development and Blind spots, as well as their results for each statement/question.

NOTE: When using the digital self-assessment across a wider employee and leader base, you can extract insights on corporate culture and leadership profile. i.e., What are those inclusive behaviours that as an organisation we are good at? Where do we excel? Which behaviours require more focus? Pluribus, together with our partner Talent Innovations, can provide you with customised reports.

  Self- Assessment 360° Inclusion by Pluribus

Completion time

Approximately 15 minutes Approximately 20 minutes
Languages available English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Russian, with the possibility to develop and roll out in further languages. English and French, with the possibility to develop and roll out in further languages.
Individual reports After completion of the self-assessment, each individual will receive their own results highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

After completion of the 360 process, each individual will receive their own results highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.


Target group Everyone The 360-degree feedback process is a powerful leadership development tool and is therefore targeted at leaders, but anyone who wishes to develop their inclusive behaviour can benefit from this process.

I&D E-Learning

Our e-learning interventions are a set of online modules that take participants on a self-discovery and exploratory journey around key I&D concepts and facilitate a deep dive into the six inclusive behaviours identified by Pluribus.

We offer two learning interventions: Inclusive Behaviours e-learning and pre- and post-webinar e-learning.

  • Inclusive Behaviours e-learning/micro-learnings

By being open minded and suspending judgment, you can acknowledge that your perspective is not the only one. Learning and recognising unconscious and conscious biases can help people feel included and safe. These are simple practices that contribute to fostering inclusion. By embedding these practices in daily actions, we can create a culture of inclusion where everyone belongs and can contribute authentically.

Our Inclusive Behaviours micro learnings are a set of e-learnings to navigate through each of the six inclusive behaviours developed by Pluribus, one by one. There are six e-learning modules in total and each module takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete.

  • Pre- and post-webinar e-learning

We propose two e-learning interventions, pre and post webinar, to complete the employee’s journey. Each module takes between 20 and 30 minutes to finish, first introducing the participants to the I&D world and its key concepts, and later, inspiring the employees to continue their I&D journey within your organisation with a deep dive into some of the aspects covered during the webinar.

In-Clue: Conversation Cards

“Let’s stop talking about diversity and inclusion. Let’s experience diversity and inclusion.”
A unique and exciting interactive tool featuring 108 cards, fostering team diversity understanding. Appreciate shared strengths, celebrate differences, and connect in a safe, inclusive way. This self-guided activity encourages self-reflection, teamwork, and pair work, lasting 1-1.5 hours with no need for an external facilitator.

As DE&I consultants with almost two decades of global experience, we’ve witnessed a growing recognition of individual differences, yet also accompanied by an increase in anger and polarization.

Through our research, we discovered the paradox that increased inclusion sometimes leads to a sense of exclusion, particularly among insiders. In efforts to broaden the table, many have unfortunately often lost valuable contributors along the way. Today, companies struggle to extend DE&I initiatives beyond mid-level management and create a genuinely inclusive environment without fostering division.

To address this reality, we introduce the IN-CLUE Conversation Cards—a thoughtful tool designed to address these challenges and promote respectful and inclusive conversations throughout the entire company.

In-Clue Conversation Cards: Practical details

  • Applicable for existing teams
  • Designed to seamlessly fit into your schedule, requiring only 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Every participant is equipped with an identical set of 108 cards
  • Each card provides practical and simple instructions for individual and team reflections
  • The activity consists of six chapters and associated commitments
  • Every chapter concludes with a takeaway card consolidating key learnings
  • An internal guidebook is included for time management and to address potential questions

In-Clue Conversation Cards: Outcomes

  • Raising awareness of both individual similarities and differences within your team
  • Key takeaways establish the groundwork for enduring inclusive behaviours; making the learning sustainable
  • Gaining insights into appreciating diverse perspectives while acknowledging the obstacles faced by outsiders
  • Opportunity to engage in an open dialogue and address the emerging challenges
  • Exploring the theme of belonging and discovering what diversity might still be missing amongst the group
  • Promoting team dynamics that prioritise respect and mutual appreciation
  • Empowering team leaders, insiders and outsiders alike

“Let’s stop talking about diversity and inclusion. Let’s experience diversity and inclusion.”

Inclusive Dialogue Cards

Set of cards to host an authentic and inclusive dialogue around the topic of ethnicity, race and culture. Use them to raise awareness, encourage an open mind, acknowledge diversity, practice inclusion, and tackle the sensitive topic of privilege, race, and exclusion, to build towards a working culture where everyone belongs.

This set of cards contains:

    • 20 cards grouped into four pillars: grounding – relating – reflecting – creating with four question cards each 
    • A set of 4 ‘Spark’ cards to deepen the dialogue
    • An instruction booklet containing facilitation tips and definitions

Inclusion Around the Clock Book

Global collective book celebrating Inclusion & Diversity with Pluribus. Discover more about Pluribus and our work in our global collective book “Inclusion Around the Clock: Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion with Pluribus”, written by Isabelle Pujol and 12 members of the Pluribus Global Network. We all share a common vision: to be a positive drive for change in the world! To contribute to our vision, we worked collectively to write diverse chapters that were meaningful to everyone one of us. Throughout their respective personal experiences, various insights and different expertise, the members of the Pluribus Global Network invite you to dive deep into a wide range of approaches related to the vast and rich topic of Diversity and Inclusion. They do this with sincerity, authenticity, vulnerability, and courage.

Psychometric Profiles

Identify and learn about different work and communication styles for more effective team collaboration by using the tools below:
  • GlobeSmart Profile

The GlobeSmart Profile is a cultural awareness tool that helps individuals understand their own preferences and tendencies for interacting with others and allows for comparisons with other individuals as well as with other cultures. The participants will be asked to complete a personal questionnaire prior to the session and will receive an individual report (within a 2-week timeframe). This report will help to provide insights across cultures and will be used to prompt conversations during our session; all towards building a more cultural agility.

  • Insights Discovery model

The Insights Discovery model is a preference-based system with its foundations in the work of Carl Jung and it focuses on inclusive communication. It uses colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth. 

HR Toolkit

The HR toolkit contains materials to help you initiate, structure, and ignite the I&D journey with employees, champions, and leaders in your organisation and build a meaningful I&D implementation plan. It focuses on two important organisational levers for change to build an inclusive culture in your organisation:
  1. Build Inclusion and Diversity awareness
  2. Build inclusive HR processes

The toolkit follows a step-by-step proven methodology and provides best practices and useful tools to increasing I&D in your organisation from diagnostic to implementation. You will find easy-to-use fact sheets, checklists, worksheets and tips and tricks to guide your journey into I&D.