Strategic Consulting

Building on 15 years of experience in accompanying global businesses in their Inclusion and Diversity Journey, we are a partner of choice in the development of your Inclusion Strategy.

Through our strategic consulting, we will guide and advise you in shaping your organisational culture through scanning and diagnosing your current environment, identifying a strategy, and establishing actions (amongst other steps), all with the aim to achieve a more inclusive workplace. 

Build an Inclusion and Diversity Roadmap/Strategy

Alignment: Before engaging in the journey – we practice our value around inclusion and co-creation and take the time to learn more about you, your business and what makes you unique to customise our approach and content for sustainable change. We leverage your unique enablers and identify barriers that need tackling to foster more inclusion.

Not sure where to get started or how to take the next step?

Let us guide you through the 5 steps to Inclusion:

1. Scan and diagnose

We start with a company Inclusion and Diversity scan, followed by conducting focus groups and/or surveys with various stakeholders from your company. Through this we identify your key inclusion and diversity issues at individual, team and/or organisational levels.

2. Build a framework

We can now sit together and build your unique framework and strategy. Based on the insights gained in step 1, we build your vision and Inclusion & Diversity plan. We identify & map your priorities and support the implementation of your actions. We will use relevant tools and knowledge, including key indicators to measure progress.

3. Shape the culture

We then recommend a mix of activities, such as building the relevant skills, creating awareness, engaging, and mobilising your organisation and stakeholders.

4. Integrate into structure

By leveraging outputs from step 1, we assess and analyse your current working environment and internal processes through a Inclusion and Diversity lens. We identify key areas of focus and detail steps to make your key business processes (HR, operations, sales) more inclusive.

5. Measure progress

We monitor progress through the KPIs and milestones that have been defined in step 2.
Other Services

Related Strategic Consulting Services

  • Inclusion and Diversity Communication Strategy

Create your internal and external Inclusion and Diversity communication strategy to ensure that all aspects of the business case are well understood and gain the buy-in of your key stakeholders. This work is critical to raise awareness and to support behavioural and culture change as well as to share progress, lessons learned and success stories.

  • Support with establishing and/or coaching of Employee or Business Resource Groups

Develop all aspects of creating sustainable and successful employees’ network group(s). Get insights into good practices and develop a thought through plan that aligns with your business as well as Inclusion strategy. Position resource groups to empower employees, engage clients, and drive impact.

  • Strategic Consulting Retainer 

Leverage the know-how of the Pluribus network members to augment your Inclusion and Diversity team. Bring in a Pluribus consultant to help shape your strategy, tackle a specific deliverable or to coach and support your new team members. 

strategic consulting