Our Uniqueness

Our Uniqueness

Who Is Pluribus?

Pluribus is a boutique Global Consultancy specialising in diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, programmes and dynamics within organisations, founded by Isabelle Pujol in 2006. 

With nearly 17 years of developing and implementing diversity, equity and inclusion strategies at a global, national and regional level in large organisations around the world, Pluribus positions itself as a leader in its sector.

Pluribus is a global partner with a local approach. Our practice is about supporting organisations by respecting both the local and the global considerations. We can make this possible thanks to our worldwide network, who understand the different cultures, contexts and journeys across the world.

Our vision is to create an environment where everyone feels valued, included and can fulfil their full potential. We are therefore dedicated to help you embed the diversity, equity and inclusion values into your organisation. In doing so, you will recognise the richness of differences and similarities, ensure equal development opportunities and will reconcile respect, ethics and business performance.

Diversity, when combined with inclusion as part of the company culture, becomes a key driving force towards innovation and creativity, enabling companies to thrive. Given the complex economic, human and ecological challenges of our days, the benefits of creating a culture of inclusion are at the basis of any corporate strategy.

Our Uniqueness

Why Choose Pluribus?

Passion Drives Us

At Pluribus, we are deeply passionate and committed to inspire, engage and support organisations, teams and individuals to help them value and support the diversity of their workforce in order to create an inclusive and high performing culture.

Our Bread & Butter

Inclusion, Equity, Diversity and Belonging are part of our core business and they are what we do all day every day. Our philosophy and the expertise of our facilitators is such that we take a holistic approach and embed this into YOUR core business. We commit to learning your business and your language for optimal outcomes.

Excellence Based

Our team is constantly learning and being trained to ensure the success of our interventions through the most advanced research-based methodologies. We use our wide range of knowledge and skills for a tailor-made approach to your company.

Short & Long Term Vision

We hold the goals and vision of your organization, for both short-term results and long-term profound cultural shifts and innovation.

We Walk the Talk

Our Pluribus facilitators are not “teachers” per se, rather we aim to be “role models” for inclusion and encourage dialogue to explore and tap the collective intelligence of the group and support learning through the richness of shared experience. Our faculty will use their experience and skills to meet the audience where they are.

Building your Capacity

We empower your organization and its individuals to take responsibility during and after any intervention to deepen their learning in the field of DE&I, so the intervention becomes self-correcting and generative.

How Do We Work?

Our 100% Customised Partnership

Pluribus culture is grounded in inclusion and diversity. This is who we are, not just what we do. We co-create, collaborate and continuously innovate with our partners.

We believe that it is unsustainable to focus solely on workforce diversity or quantitative metrics without encompassing a shift in attitudes, behaviours and the way an organisation thinks. From our experience, the richness of diversity can only be truly optimised long-term by the creation of a culture of inclusion. For that reason, the focus of our interventions and advisory/consulting services is to have inclusion become an intrinsic part of how organisations do what they do, wherever they do business.


We tailor our interventions to your organisation by having some strategic alignment prior to the workshop delivery. By having a deep understanding about your specific challenges and leveraging what is unique about your context, we will discover and formulate the right learning intervention to support your learning journey.


We incorporate blended learning methods, mixing face-to-face and digital delivery for a maximum impact. To learn more about our virtual delivery, click here.


Using a combination of systems thinking and diagnostic tools, we are able to illuminate and transform the underlying dynamics present within your systems, and the core diversity factors in group interactions. 


To Engage Our Head, Heart & Hands

Our 3 H's Methodology

Our Pluribus methodology enables employees, managers and leaders to accelerate their capacity to learn, identify and shift limiting beliefs, build diverse networks of aligned teams and deliver transformative results. We do this by applying different levels of raising awareness and skill development during our sessions to challenge and minimise our unconscious biases.

The methodology we use in our sessions is based on a process-oriented flow to help participants develop specific insights, competencies/skills, behaviours and shared strategies for action in the areas of diversity, equity & inclusion and unconscious bias. 

Interactive and experiential designs

Our designs are highly interactive and experiential. The participants are encouraged to engage and contribute authentically by creating the space for meaningful dialogue and focusing on deeper levels of listening and being present. Group discussions, participative exercises, role play scenarios, videos and realistic case studies are used to raise the engagement levels of the participants. In addition, ample time is provided for individual reflection, one to one sharing and group dialogue, as needed. All these support the participants’ different learning styles.

Actionable steps 

At the end of our workshops, the participants come up with a personal commitment to sustain inclusion in the organisation. This will ensure that the inspiration and inputs taken from the workshop will have a long-term impact.

Overall, our learning sessions are focused on engaging the Head, the Heart and the Hands of all participants:



Understand the DE&I business case and how to create greater inclusion.



Commit and engage to DE&I values as a business and personally as a leader, manager, or employee.



Take action to embed inclusive behaviours and tools into responsibilities and measures.