Our Global Associates: Europe

Alan De Bruyne

Nationality: Belgian
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Belgium, France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
Language(s): Dutch, English, French
Location: Brussels, Belgium/ Valencia, Spain

Alan is a passionate facilitator, speaker, coach, with diversity and inclusion projects all over the globe. With his experience of over 20 years, his mission is to support leaders and clients be more connected with themselves, their environment, their visions and their teams.

Ana Oliveira Pinto

Nationality: Portuguese
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Portugal, Mozambique, Brazil
Language(s): Portuguese, English
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Ana brings her experience in Executive Coaching and Consultancy in Change Management and Executive & Talent Development. As a Coach, she provides her clients with the space to develop themselves to become their best person and take responsibly for their life.

Andrea Heer

Nationality: German
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Germany, Switzerland
Language(s): German, English, French
Location: Cologne, Germany

Andrea is a coach and facilitator committed to accompanying development processes of individuals, teams and organizations to succeed in situations of transition and change. Andrea focuses on valuing people’s differences and promoting effective communication and inclusive collaboration between people is highly important to her.

Béatrice Bretegnier

Nationality: French
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: France
Language(s): French, English
Location: Cannes, France

Andrea is a coach and facilitator committed to accompanying development processes of individuals, teams and organizations to succeed in situations of transition and change. Andrea focuses on valuing people’s differences and promoting effective communication and inclusive collaboration between people is highly important to her.

Burcu Çakın

Nationality: Turkish
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Azerbaijan, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Pakistan
Language(s): Turkish, English
Location: İstanbul, Turkey

Burcu is a Master Certified Coach, Team Coach, facilitator, and professional coach trainer/mentor. She defines her passion as to help leaders and teams uncover their highest individual and collective purpose, unleash their potential, tap into their wholeness and create meaning at work.

Cécile Masson

Nationality: Swiss/Dutch
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy
Language(s): French, English, Dutch, Italian, German
Location: Heemstede, The Netherlands

Cécile is an International mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique) Coach and Trainer and a facilitator and mentor of Coming Into Your Own and FLIA Feminine Leadership in Europe. Cécile invites the appreciation of mindfulness practices, appreciation of what it is to produce inclusive results.

Daniel Stane

Nationality: United Kingdom
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK
Language(s): English, French, Czech.
Location: London, UK

Daniel is a sought-after expert in diversity, inclusive leadership and mindful leadership. Guided by his mission ‘to inspire and support leaders to grow and leave a lasting human impact’, he is known for his insightful, pragmatic and personable approach to unlocking effective leadership behaviour and performance.

Daniêlle Doeve

Nationality: Dutch
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: The Netherlands
Language(s): Dutch, English
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Daniêlle is an expert in Professional Communication & Coaching and Coming Into Your Own Feminine Leadership. Daniêlle’s specialization is to bring the heart (the human factor) into the business. She offers a safe space where people feel invited to share what matters most and, in this way, create an inclusive work environment where everybody belongs and people feel happy and connected.

Dorian-Patrizia Baroni

Nationality: USA
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Italy, USA, Venezuela
Language(s): English, Italian
Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Dorian is an Executive Coach and Organizational Advisor. Some of her key areas of interest and expertise include the role of bias in shaping decisions, women’s leadership and its contributions to organizational strength, and the role of cross-cultural fluency. Dorian strongly believes that all change starts with the self, but all lasting, positive societal change requires a committed group of diverse people.

Ezanne Swanepoel

Nationality: South African
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, Tanzania, USA, Canada
Language(s): Afrikaans, English, Swati, Zulu, Xhosa (conversational French)
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Ezanne is an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategist, business advisor and transformational leadership mentor. Her passion for developing people and for building a significant globally connected business network, bridging business and people across the globe, is demonstrated by the prestigious “Mega Partnering Best Networker Award” she received in Los Angeles in 2013.

Irina Pshenichnikova

Nationality: Russian
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Finland, Denmark, Russia
Language(s): English, Russian
Location: St Petersburg, Russias

Irina is a Professional Coach with a Ph.D. in cultural linguistics. Irina possesses a blend of solid academic foundations in research and university lecturing with more than 15 years of practice in consultancy, training, executive coaching. This blended experience has allowed her to design, develop and deliver learning projects tailored to organizational development needs and to build effective human operating systems.

Jean-Michel Monnot

Nationality: French
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Ireland
Language(s): French, English
Location: Gaillon, France

Jean-Michel has 38 years of experience in the corporate world, including 25 years with Sodexo, out of which 9 years as Diversity and Inclusion Vice President. He has been working full time on diversity & inclusion since 2007 and founded “All Inclusive!” in 2016. Jean-Michel believes that D&I is more than a job, it is a mission and through this mission, he wants to make this world a bit better.

Karen Bummele

Nationality: Chinese American
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Germany, USA, China
Language(s): English, German, Cantonese h
Location: New York, USA

Karen is a Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Coach and Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She enjoys working with teams and individuals to shift energy and conversations to create higher levels of trust, co-creation and innovation. Her coaching practice is rooted in Neuroscience, Energy Leadership, and embodied mindful practices.

Kingsley Llewellyn Weber

Nationality: British
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: UK, UAE, China, Malaysia, India, Australia
Language(s): English, Malay
Location: Yorkshire, UK

Kingsley was born in Sri Lanka but has a diverse heritage representing both the German and the British cultures. Being the “other” in many of companies and teams Kingsley has worked with gives him a personal insight into the importance of inclusion. These insights help organisations benefit, through engagement and productivity to deliver exceptional performance.

Lena Lodzinska

Nationality: Polish
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Spain, Germany, Poland
Language(s): English, Spanish, German, Polish
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Lena is a professional coach and facilitator. Her purpose is to contribute with her grain of sand to a happier and healthier world, where everyone belongs. She is passionate about bringing the best out of people, changing lives and transforming business.

Magda Barceló

Nationality: Spanish
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Spain, Peru, Dominican Republic
Language(s): English, Spanish, Italian, French
Location: Reus, Spain

Magda is a certified Integral coach and a certified facilitator in Integral circling. In her interventions, Magda embodies a unique combination of capacities to communicate, to challenge and to be empathetic, while she stays connected to the essence of the person or the organization, which invariably leads to growth and evolution.

Maija Van Langendonck

Nationality: Belgian-British
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Belgium, UK, USA
Language(s): English, Dutch, French
Location: Overijse, Belgium

Maija is a strategist, facilitator, and coach. Her approach to inclusion is a holistic one from conception to implementation with a special focus on personal sustainability and wellbeing. Her focus is on ”Putting the ‘US” back into the heart of the bUSiness”.

Melika Sghiar

Nationality: Swiss
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein
Language(s): German, English
Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Melika strongly believes that diversity can be very enriching to all of us if we are able to learn HOW we can be INCLUSIVE. Inclusion is a journey for all of us and it helps us to improve us as individuals, as a team, as an organization and as an entire society. Her passion is to learn every day something new about inclusion and this is what her facilitating style is built on, to learn from each other in a respectful way and have fun together at the same time.

Myriam Ines Giangiacomo

Nationality: Italian
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Italy
Language(s): English, Italian
Location: Rome, Italy

Myriam Ines is a philosopher, a change and leadership advisor, an executive coach, a counsellor and facilitator. She focuses on strategic consulting in the field of sustainability, inclusion, social innovation, organizational and personal development, as well as authentic leadership. She combines her unique point of view and methods of the philosophical practitioner and coach with a solid corporate and strategic consulting background.

Nana-Efua Lawson

Nationality: British / Ghanaian
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: UK, UAE, Ghana
Language(s): English, Fante, Ashanti, Akuapem, Ga
Location: London, UK

Nana is an accomplished Chartered Psychologist with over 17 years of experience as an internal and external consultant. She specialises in leadership coaching, design and facilitation of inclusion and leadership development programmes, team coaching, senior team effectiveness, employee wellbeing, and talent development.

Nicola Shearer

Nationality: English
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: UK, Sierra Leone, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan
Language(s): English
Location: Newcastle, UK

Nicola is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and an International Facilitator and Consultant, specializing for the last 16 years in the area of Inclusive Leadership Development. Her combination of high IQ & EQ, and the fact that she experienced living in 8 countries over 20 years across Europe, Africa and APAC makes her stand out.

Nicolas Deuschel

Nationality: Swiss & German
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: Germany, Switzerland, Spain
Language(s): German, English
Location: Madrid, Spain

Nicolas holds a Masters from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from IE Business School. He used to work in Strategy Consulting at McKinsey and Roland Berger. Nicolas is now a tenure track professor at Spain’s leading University where he researches how differences in personality influence creativity and team performance. He advises leaders on the future of work, with a specific focus on generational diversity.

Stephanie Leonard

Nationality: French
Cultural Sensitivity & Extensive Knowledge: France, Switzerland, Belgium
Language(s): French, English
Location: Montmorency, France

Stéphanie is a D&I practitioner with 10 years of experience in designing strategies and implementing actions. She has a Master in Finance and drove her way towards Human Resources since the beginning of her career. Stéphanie co-founded of a recruitment firm, advocating that ”Human is our best asset”