Success Story : I&D Workshops Rollout

Toyota Fostering an Inclusive Workplace, Natixis Brave Conversations

I&D Workshops Rollout

1. TOYOTA 2021-2022
The context

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is the regional headquarters of Toyota in Europe.

One of the TME’s key strategic ambitions is to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation. TME is eager to enable all their managers and employees to act towards a more inclusive culture by making everyone understand the importance of DE&I and how to be more inclusive in their daily work environment.

TME partnered with Pluribus to design and roll out the “Fostering an inclusive workplace” workshops with the mission of supporting everyone to create a more inclusive culture in which all feel respected, valued, and safe to speak up.  Everyone is part of the DE&I learning journey and is engaged as a change agent.

Our approach 

Pluribus is committed to have a flexible and tailored approach with every organisation. Therefore, we held different conversations with various TME key stakeholders to get an understanding of the TME’s DE&I needs. We designed a few questions for the conversations as these questions were critical to understand their cultural journey and specific expectations. Based on the key learnings from this process and the feedback generated from the first pilot session, we designed a 100% customised programme fully aligned with Toyota Motor Europe’s DE&I vision, needs and language. We also created a series of micro-learning using Klaxoon to be sent to participants before the workshop, as a teaser, and after the workshops to keep the momentum and sustain the learning. 

The impact

By delivering the “Fostering an inclusive workplace” workshops, we managed to make DE&I a common talking topic at TME and everyone is encouraged to ‘walk the talk’.

The tangible impact of our journey with Toyota Motor Europe

  • Nearly 100 workshops delivered to more than 1200 managers & employees
  • A common vocabulary around what diversity, equity and inclusion mean at TME
  • Alignment about the importance of DE&I for TME and for everyone
  • A clear understanding of what it means to be inclusive through a set of 6 inclusive behaviors
  • More clarity about the obstacles to inclusion and some tips and action on how to minimize these barriers
  • A collective dialogue around this topic and the opportunity for connections across the TME organization

Toyota Motor Europe has been our partner since 2020.

The context

Natixis IM is part of the BPCE Group and has its roots in asset and wealth management with a wide portfolio of active investment managers across the globe. Natixis IM has a long-time commitment towards diversity, equity and inclusion. To address the racial injustice taking place in the USA and in light of George Floyd’s death, Natixis IM wanted to offer its employees & managers in the US and beyond, the chance to have brave and safe conversations on the topic of race and ethnicity.

Our approach

Our approach consisted of three steps:

1. Align

We first gained a deeper understanding of the Natixis IM cultural context in which this initiative fits and aligned with foundational expectations

2. Adapt

Based on the conversations with the various stakeholders from step 1, we prepared and designed the content and format for virtual sessions on the topic of “Brave Conversations for Understanding Ethnicity and Racism”

3. Amplify  

We facilitated and delivered 15 digital “Brave Conversations for Understanding Ethnicity and Racism” virtual dialogues including pre-work and followed by post-work activities to sustain the exploration

The impact
  • More than 130 people shared their perspective with honesty without having to worry about a right or wrong answers, in a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive space
  • Closer working relationships amid diverse visible and invisible differences were created
  • The employees & managers learned how creating an inclusive culture plays a part in stopping racism and understood how they can contribute on an individual and organisational level to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Natixis has been our partner since 2020.