Success Story : Building your Own Inclusive Behaviours


Building your Own Inclusive Behaviours

The context

Our partnership with Heineken started in 2016, at the Headquarters in Amsterdam. We joined and supported Heineken in their Inclusion & Diversity journey before they started to launch this work as a global initiative. In 2019, Heineken was working on the next phase of their Inclusion & Diversity Strategy and Capability Building. A part of this phase was the development of 9 Heineken Inclusive Practices and raising awareness and building skills around these in the top 140 leaders at Heineken across the world. 

Our mission was building the 9 Inclusive Practices together with Heineken, as well as opportunities for virtual training, activities using e-learning, micro-workshops and personal coaching and development on Inclusive Leadership around these Inclusive Practices. 

Our approach 

To support Heineken in the journey of building their own inclusive behaviours, we worked with their global I&D team to help them create their 9 Inclusive Practices that are aligned with the company’s culture. We then created a toolkit that explains each of the 9 Heineken Inclusive Practices and provides additional activities to help the leaders live and breathe/master these Inclusive Practices and incorporate these into their daily life. This toolkit is closely connected to Heineken’s values and leadership skills, and it raises awareness about what it means to be inclusive in Heineken’s language. 

To dive deeper into these 9 Inclusive Practices, we created 9 mini workshops each illustrating one of the Inclusive Practices of Heineken. In addition, we designed and facilitated multiple Inclusive Leadership workshops for Heineken’s leaders, which were preceded by a self-assessment around the 9 Heineken Inclusive Practices. We created this self-assessment in order to enable leaders to identify which behaviours come natural to them and which ones they could adopt become more inclusive. The self-assessment we developed is now part of the pre-work of all the I&D workshops at Heineken.

The impact

As a result of having clear Inclusive Practices, all leaders at Heineken have a clear understanding of what it means to be inclusive, and these leaders are true advocates of I&D at Heineken globally.

The tangible impact of our journey with Heineken

  • Heineken’s top 140 Leaders, HR Business Partners and I&D Ambassadors have been trained by having them experience the 1-day Inclusive Leadership Workshop.
  • Co-developed the 9 Heineken Inclusive Practices in the form of Factual sheets to guide the leaders throughout their I&D journey.
  • Designed and delivered a condensed Train the Facilitator for Global Procurement in August 2019 for the ½ day Inclusive Leadership Workshop.

Pluribus offers Heineken a framework & catalogue on Inclusive Workshops, Inclusive Practices, Self-Assessments, and I&D toolkits, for each Business Unit or Region to decide what to work on and how. They each have autonomy of decision & financial commitment based on what they want to deliver.