Success Story : HR Angle


HR Angle (recruitment, toolkit)

The context

NCI Agency (NCIA) is NATO’s technology and cyber leader headquartered in Brussels, helping NATO Nations communicate and work together in smarter ways. Pluribus has partnered with NCIA to enable their mission through the creation of an environment where diversity and inclusion in technology is a differentiator and a driver for a feeling of belonging and hence increased performance.

NCI Agency knew exactly where they wanted to start their I&D journey- they wished to make their hiring processes more inclusive. We supported them by developing and delivering the Inclusive Hiring Programme.

Our approach

After identifying the gaps that hindered NCIA’s hiring processes from being inclusive, we delivered an Inclusive Hiring e-Workshop to 60 of the NCIA’s most active hiring managers. This workshop was focused on gaining insights into what it means to lead and hire inclusively, as well as discovering systemic biases in the Agency’s systems. Moreover, the hiring managers received tips for tackling bias and embedding inclusive practices into their hiring process.

As post-work to the virtual workshop, a toolkit which included further Inclusive Hiring tips was developed, in order to help the managers better understand how to approach the hiring process in an inclusive way.

The impact

As a result of rolling out the Inclusive Hiring Programme, the hiring managers:

  • Became aware of the blind spots/improvements that they could make in the hiring process
  • Got to learn how to make the recruiting process more inclusive